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Insurance is a really crazy business.  I hate insurance somedays.  I think it is basically good though, don’t get me wrong.  It is something everyone should have and really does help a whole lot of people.  It ticks me off when people complain about just simply it being a requirement.

Well today was generally a great day for me.  I was busy all day with lots of stuff to do and will probably have a great day tomorrow too as I left enough to keep tomorrow interesting.  My filing is getting so behind as well.  I need another 10 hours to catch up for the week.

Today though I got cursed out.  It wasn’t directly at me, but just about insurance.  I was really uncomfortable though because this person was going against a lot of what I believe with insurance.  I was polite though and let him leave.  I even did the count to 10 under your breath thing.  LOL…

I do have some really crazy clients sometimes.  I’ll pass on some of the bizarre things that happen on here sometimes.  I only saw about 4 customers today though, so nothing much happened besides the cursing which happened early in the day.

I came home tonight, cooked super.  Kyra and I played in the sand for about an hour.  We are making a giant dog from sand out there.  It basically looks like an ant hill right now, maybe it will look more dog like soon.  Kyra has a great imagination though and to her it looks like the perfect dog shape.  She was hugging it and telling me to hug the dog.  LOL… 

We called and talked to my grandmother on the phone tonight.  Kyra is pretty good on the phone but still thinks the caller can see her, so instead of answering yes, she shakes her head yes and hold up her fingers to say she has 2 of something.  It is sort of comical to watch and know what is going on from this end, while the caller at the other end has no idea what she is doing or saying even though she is very articulate for her age.

Well, that was my day…pretty boring huh?  That is why I sort of disappeared for so long.  My days are now occupied with almost only work.  I don’t do nearly as much playing nor have nearly as much adventure in life as I once did.