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I went to training to learn how to tell people about price increase that is coming up.  Darn, it sucks.  There is nothing I really pulled out of the meeting though, which sucks.  I mean I get why the raise is occurring and we do want to be financially stable as a company.  That doesn’t make it great to tell the thousands of people that you are going to get in increase more than usual, in fact more than triple what you would normally see.  There you go….you have it first from me.

If your homeowners go up, just think all your buddies will have there’s going up too.  We are just the first to step out and do it.  I truly believe if you are my customer and you get this increase, you can leave and get cheaper.  If you suck it up though, I believe you will notice that where you would have went price goes way up within the next year or two…. and mine will become more competitive with that.  Possibly even beating that price because we stepped out first…

I sold 2 policies today at work.  I got a lot of work done.

Anyways….  Kyra is doing great.  She spends Thursday with her dad though, so I don’t have much to say here.  She enjoys being with her dad.