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Today was a rather normal day. Adam worked. I drove. I had a parent call and complain about the radio station I listen to on the bus, so I have to listen to a different one. I don’t know what the big deal is though, I wasn’t listening to cussing or anything just a regular top 40 station. I have to listen to the mixed station now. It is good, so I don’t really care. It is just stupid.

Here is a picture of Kristy and Kyra. Kristy is Kyra’s god parent if something should happen to both me and Adam. I surely hope that it never comes to that as I want to see her grow up. Having the other bus driver killed though really sunk it into my head how much like a light switch life can be, on one minute and off the next.

Kyra is standing up all by herself without holding onto anything now. I don’t know if I have ever said that in here yet. She has been doing it for about a week, but only for seconds than. She can now do it for probably a minute or so. She isn’t walking yet at all she is terrified of that first step. It is sort of funny because I try to get her to walk holding only one of my hands, she is scared. She walks and walks holding both hands though. She will be walking soon though, I think.

She still hasn’t gotten waving down either. She does it randomly. Here is another good profile shot of her. I took a lot of pictures today.

I didn’t go on my walk which I am upset. I had no reason not to go. I am just tired for some reason. I feel like I could sleep for a week, but I know 6 am comes quick.

Tomorrow is the Alpaca show. I am thinking about going to it. They are cute animals, so maybe I will go take pictures there.

There is an electricial coming to my house to move the electrical part of the AC and we will move the physical part. He is going to fix the vent fan in the attic and last but not least fix my current so I can finally use my portrait studio lights that I bought forever ago. Maybe after all that I will be in a sad mood and not be able to go to the alpaca show, mostly depends on the price tag. I will be glad it is done though. The 220 outlet in Kyra’s room really isn’t all that safe even though we have it pretty well covered and impossible for her to get through unless she could lift 30 lbs of stuff. I will feel better with it gone/hidden locked whatever we decide tomorrow to work best.

Well, you heard me I am tired. That means I am off to bed. I have already brushed my teeth and everything. Night…..