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 Today was interesting.  I wrote up all the kids from Friday, like I said.  There is a new principal intern or however you put it though.  He came out to my bus this afternoon and I thought to myself “Oh no, not a speech.”  Principal speeches are usually worthless and I have to say even for me.  If I were a student…they would be worthless for sure.

Anyways, this intern principal was great.  That was the best speech ever.  I don’t think it will work for the long run, but my routes today were in the smoothest ever and he only gave it to about 1/2 of the students.  I need him to give a speech everyday. 

The other cool thing is I think he will really take action.  He suspended the one kid for 3 days.  Yeah, he deserved a month, but 3 days is a good start from the other principal who does “student conferences” on every write up.

So anyways, I was happy with that.

Kyra did good today.  She eats like a horse though, she eats from the time she wakes til the time she goes to bed.  LOL…  There she is hiding in her stuffed animal toy.

I didn’t do much for work today.  I am not behind though amazingly.  I had stuff done ahead of time about the only thing I do in real time anymore is post on here.  All my other postings are scheduled or I just save as draft and someone else posts them later.

It is supposed to be 75 plus degrees tomorrow, so I don’t imagine getting to much done than either.  I plan on wearing my shorts and going for a long walk.

Oh, I got a surprise call from my brother today. He didn’t want anything and nothing bad happened either.  His little girl is growing at a rate at least equal to Kyra.  I think she is better at talking than Kyra was at that age.  I am imagining her about equal to what Kyra is now in talking and she is 6 months younger.  Kyra learned different stuff quicker.

I saw two amish guys kiss today too, which was rather disgusting.  They were at the amish church thing in the horse stables.  Yeah, today is Monday, so there was no church activities going on… BLAH…  I find it strange too though because all there mating festivities were like 3 weeks ago.  When they bus the other amish from other parts of the country in and the whole town is full of young love bird amish people.  It is rather cute, but this was the least tasteful of kisses today.  It would have been gross if it had been any sex though, not just because it was 2 guys.  I almost crashed my school bus though gagging. (No kids on, I was on way home.)

Anyways, that was my day.  Pretty simple…not a lot of pictures or anything.