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I haven’t posted on here because I have been very busy.  Yeah, can you believe that.  My busy isn’t about to stop though.

I did my second interview for the tech support job.  It went very well and they had me do a drug test as I left.  I feel like the job will be offered to me. They have a policy to make people wait 7-10 days though.  This was my number 1 choose job up to this point.  It made me think about how company policy and this company seems to have a lot of them could get very annoying to me.  I like seeing things DONE.

Well, Wednesday night..  I had a 3rd interview with Shoemaker Insurance which as this point was my 2nd choice.  They did offer me the job though.  It is less pay than I would like, but I think I like a lot about this job.

Well, anyways… after lots of talking and lots of thought.  Here is the run down.

Positive Insurance

  • Is 5 minutes to 25 minutes from house.
  • No Weekends
  • No Holiday
  • 9-5 hours
  • Work Independently for the most part
  • Not Corporate, so no vast list of procedures.
  • Small Office (5 full-time)
  • Faster Pay Increases

Negative Insurance

  • Less Starting Pay
  • Sales based pay increases
  • No Leaving for lunch have to bring it.
  • Stricter Dress Code

Positive Tech Support

  • Work with computers
  • Training would be fun
  • Corporate everything procedure
  • Lots of other co-workers (130 doing this same job)
  • Better Starting Pay
  • Weekday off
  • Can Go Out To Lunch
  • Casual Dress Code

Negative Tech Support

  • Holiday/Weekend Work
  • Morning and Evening Hours
  • 40 minute drive one way
  • Repetitively Fixing Same Issues Probably Get Old
  • No Down Time
  • Slow Pay Increases

Ok, so I did these lists.  I also put into account that the insurance position likely isn’t going to come back because it is one position.  The tech position, well they will have openings almost constantly. Theoretically, if I hate the insurance position.  I could go back and do the interview process at the tech position all over again.

I talked to Stephen, Tom, Adam, Robin, Lyn, and my boss Mike about each of these and they all agree that I should go with the insurance position.  I think the deal sealer was the hours and no holidays.  I have Kyra and really after thinking about it.  I like my holidays with her.

I have accepted the insurance position and my first day is the 18th, so two weeks from today will be my last day driving.  I didn’t do this decision hastily.  I really hope that I can enjoy this job.  I always like the ladies in my insurance office, so hopefully that is how it works out for me.

I have to admit to being very sad in a way too.  I will miss my kids extremely.  I will miss my "big" vehicle extremely. 

It is like a whole new segment to life and I really have to jump in with both feet, so here goes on that one.