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Wow, today went fast. 

My morning and afternoon routes went pretty smoothly.  My normal kids were a bit loud, but no biggie.

Kyra and I went out to dinner and to the park.  She is laughing and going “neigh” on this horse, not crying.  LOL…  I believe she likes the horse the best, but the Barney comes in close second. 

There was a 3 year old little girl at the park and Kyra and her were going down the big slide together.   (Yes, I was worried, but I had went down 2 times with her and felt safe with this other experienced girl with her. This disclaimer mostly for ADAM!)

The neighbors donkey’s were out, which I love seeing, so I snapped picture driving by with the car.  It turned out pretty good.  

We were outside almost all day today.  Kyra has a tan and I am jealous of that… I never tan.  She got this trait from her father.  He is an easier tanner than me.

She is getting so darn smart.  She has made connections in her little brain that I have to think about sometimes.  We were at a restaurant the other day and telling her to stay out of the kitchen section because that is where the workers are.  She associated workers with her dad.  We always tell her he is going to work, when he is…. so at the restaurant, she started saying Dad, Dad….

She also is doing stuff for like boo boo’s that she didn’t use to do.  She will point out every little knick and scratch on her body if you ask her where her boo boo’s are.

She has also started to associate maroon with her dad.  I am teaching her which car is dad’s and which car is mom’s in the driveway.  Dad’s car is maroon…she saw a maroon car on the street today and associated it with dad. 

She loves her dad…can you tell. 

The coolest thing also is she is starting to understand, I mean really understand potty training.

Ok, now to totally change the subject.. I wanted to thank Bluehost for my check I got today in my mail.  Woo Hoo… $130.  I can really use the money now too.  Thanks… I love there service all around, so I gladly refer people to them and to get a cash reward.  I love it.

Anyways, that was my day.  Good Night…