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Here is an article about a school bus driver that passes out.  Here is the PDF incase that one stops working.

I just have to say that YES!  It is that hot in these school busses.  I hate when it is past 80 out and I have to drive.  I open all the windows and still sweat my little toosh off.  I can easily see how this could happen. 

I am so proud of this driver for realizing what was happening.  I bet those kids were scared out of there gourds though.

Here is an article that gives tips for school being back in session.  I am not going to PDF it, so it might disappear.  It isn’t really important, just general tips. 

I am imagining that the majority of them don’t really apply but in certain areas.  I never announce my school for example.  I only go to two per trip, so you either get off first of second and that is pretty easy to figure out.  Plus the schools are next door to each other, so should you miss the first stop.  You will just be escorted by a teacher over.  Anyways, it is good to read and be ready for school season.  It is coming very quickly for me.

However, there is one tip in there that I particularly like and that is to tell your new kindergarten student that it is okay to talk to the bus driver.  You would be surprised at how hard it is sometimes to get those little ones to open there mouths on the first days.  You can’t get a name out of them.  Yeah, once they open up you will have a hard time getting it to close, but these first days let them know it is okay to talk to us.  LOL….