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People have heart attacks around here with a little bit of snow.  I am telling you, it is just crazy.  You would think I lived in Florida or something.  It is December it is supposed to snow.  This is expected each and every year.  So, they closed school 2 hours early because nobody can drive with a little snow outside.

Let me be the first to tell you this…  I hate when they close school early or when they start school late.  It messes with my whole day and I just can’t function.  I hate it.  If you can’t start school on time, don’t have school.  If you can’t go the full day, why go at all??

Ok, so off the soapbox.  I am not responsible for making the school schedule which all should probably be thankful for as it would go as scheduled until a major blizzard hit.  Major blizzard being more than 15 inches in one day.

Today was pretty good otherwise.  I played a whole lot today. I think most would consider me a great mom today.  We cooked together, we made Velvetta pizza, Kyra put the cheese on it.  Yeah, Velvetta because I ran out of the regular cheeses. Who cares, it was still good.  I read probably 50 books today. 

I did some cleaning too.  I got my new vacuum out and tested it out for awhile.  I still am okay with my selection.  LOL.. 

Oh, I shoveled my little trails around my yard too, one to my barn, so I can take care of my pig and one to the bus, one to my car.  I shoveled the car a path and the bus a path, mostly just cleaning up the plow snow pile.  Stephen said I didn’t have too though that he would bring the tractor up, but I did it anyways.  It isn’t enough snow for that.

I talked to my grandma on the phone for awhile.  I got all my jobs from Monday entered.  I searched out potential jobs and have 2 places that I will be applying at tomorrow.  Stephen and I am going Christmas shopping tomorrow for the afternoon (hopefully I start and finish both tomorrow) and then going to the Candyland lights at Hershey Park in the night time.  It should be fun, we both have never been to the lights show but are told it is pretty cool.  You can get out and walk around the park too if you want, seems pretty cold to me for that though.  We will see…

That was my very long day.  Have a great night…