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I had a pretty good day, well a great day.  My routes this morning were perfect, I think I even got to sing with the radio for a minute with kids on.  That is rare as I usually turn the radio off because they are misbehaving.  I also usually can’t hear it because my first speaker is by seat 6.  I have to really be jamming to hear it.

I came back and Adam was ready for Kyra.  She had a nurse appointment this morning to get one of her vaccinations.  We went to that, it took all of 10 minutes.  She basically didn’t even wimper, she was tougher than I would have been.  I am like a baby.

I went and did my Circuit City job.  Amazing.. I am done for the week.  It has been like 3 weeks since I only went to the store once.  I went and serviced Sears as well while I was in town.  I am all done with my one job for the week, which is pretty unusual.

I bought hair dye, my grey is getting annoying.  (I am too young to already have grey.)  I had plenty of time for that, so dyed it before my afternoon routes.  It turned out good, but darker than I would have liked.  I’ll do better next time.  I’ll show it to you some other time.

I did my afternoon routes a surprising number of kids noticed and complimented my hair.  I have some amazing kids anyways…  They were really good this afternoon though too.  I left the radio on.  They like it on.

20071022_00805p I came home and was ready to go 4-wheeling with my new sort of boyfriend.  Yes, I am moving on from Adam. We are not getting back together like I have said before and some people keep asking.  Neither of us wants to, we are both liking our lives better separate as crazy as that sounds.  Anyways,  I have been seeing this guy for a little over a week, so here is the coming out.  You can even see his photo…nobody escapes my lens, you know.

20071022_00505p We were 4 wheeling though and it was very fun.  I drove about 1/3 of the way back.  We stopped and I took photos of the fall leaves about 10 times.  It was a beautiful night.  I didn’t even need my sweatshirt it is so nice.  I love the fall.  It is easily my favorite time of year.

20071022_00705p We loaded the 4 wheeler in the truck and came back, of course.  I basically got home and got Stan jumped in the car and went to get Kyra.  I was a few minutes late picking her up, but it was okay.  I think she had fun with her dad today. 

20071022_00905p She fell asleep on the way home and is still out.  I am about to take the dog out and go to bed myself.  It was a really fun day though.  I hope every Monday will become this fun.  Good Night…