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I saw death yesterday.  It isn’t pretty.  Asheley died in the night, probably pretty close to this morning. She was still semi-moveable at 6 because her babies were jumping on her trying to wake her.

We wrapped her in a sheet and got her out of the barn now.  I haven’t figured out what to do from here now though with her.  I have never had an adult goat die on me.  I don’t really want to dig a whole this big out there…

Anyways, she is gone.  It takes 5 days to slowly bleed to death when you rupture your uterus, now you know.  I am sort of relieved that she isn’t suffering anymore.

Snowy still isn’t eating hardly at all.  I got 1/2 a bottle down him so far today. 

Finley has eaten 3 bottles.

Just sad…