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Yeah, it’s 2012.  I haven’t posted to my website in about 3 years.  It has been a hell of a 3 years full of ups and downs.  I look at my website though that I have put so much time into and wonder if I should start updating it again because it’s great to look back on my life.  I have a great life.  There are over 1500 posts about me here.  You see that random post picker, on the side.  That is a fun thing for me because I can sometimes remember the exact day I wrote about, and when I wrote about it.

Here is an update on my life now.  I’m still dating Stephen.  It’s been almost 5 years since the day I met him.  We now also have a son Drake.  He’s 15 months.

Stephen just finished school in May so now has a bachelors degree… which hopefully means a good job soon too.

My Kyra is now already 7 years old.  She’s about to enter the 2nd grade.

My life is good.  I was an insurance agent for 5 years, I am keeping my license to be able to do insurance again in the future.  I however got a job working at home selling products online.  Ironically, that is what I did when I used to keep this website updated.  Now however, is different because I actually have an employer.  I did it for myself before.  I’m older smarter and wiser then when I did it before.

Well, let me get back to reading old posts…  I also turned comments back on and updated the look of the site today.  We’ll see what happens with updates, maybe I’ll start doing a weekly one or something.  It probably won’t be daily like it used to be, but we will see.