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So I was all excited to go see Ja Rule, I was a fan.  I knew most of the words to his songs.  I have now seen him and am no longer a fan although I still could be, he does look just like his pictures. He could have put on a hell of a show with more preparation.

The show sucked though beyond sucky.

It was supposed to start at 10.

It didn’t start until after 11, probably closer to 11:30.

It was over slightly after midnight and not closer to 12:30.  He sung probably only 2 songs all the way through. The rest were just excerpts, which sucked.

Now, I spent $80 on this concert, so really more than 2 days of pay.  That information alone would be enough to make me not like him.

Well, they had the sound system so cranked that even though I knew the words to the songs, I couldn’t make out a one of them.  In addition, I think he was at least slightly drunk when he started the show.

It was just terrible.

Me and Stephen both agree that we liked the security better than the performance. They were these giant guys that kept making strange faces and hand gestures everytime someone put there hands or body to close.  They had literally hauled someone out before the concert even begun.  They were comical to watch.

I had fun laughing with Stephen and basically making fun of the show. It did suck and I did throw away all my Ja Rule CD’s when I got home.