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20080112_01512p It has been a beautiful week, as I have said before.  Yesterday, Stephen decided to light there bon fire that they had been building up for quite a while.  It had rained, it wasn’t to windy, it wasn’t to cold.  It was the perfect day.

There is what the fire looked like when it was first lit.  It is a pretty big pile.

20080112_01701p Here is what it looked like after about an hour.

It burnt about 8 hours total though, Kyra and I quit watching it after about 5 hours.  We went in the house and watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2.  That makes so I have seen all of those.

20080112_01801p While we were watching the fire we were riding the 4 wheeler around a bit.  Kyra likes riding 4-wheeler.  She let Stephen bring her home and get new shoes without me (She had her boots which were falling off.), which is probably a first of some sort. 

I didn’t take a picture of her going through the mud like I thought I had, so next time.  She was quite ready for a bath though at the end of this day.  She was rolling down the hill, playing catch with the dogs, running, and screaming.  She made everyone laugh at least once with her screams. She likes doing anything outside though, so she was loving it all day.