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Here is Jill’s entry into my M&M giveaway.  Jill is a member of my July pregnancy group that I have belonged to since I was pregnant…so we both have beautiful 2 year olds.

Anyways…here is what she says about going to school.

I lived two blocks from the elementary school, so I walked to school. On Wednesdays in the winter, though, I got to ride the bus after school. I was in our church’s kids’ choir that started at 5:00. My dad was the high school wrestling coach, and our church was right across the street from the high school. So, I hopped on the bus and rode ALL THE WAY to the high school. It seemed like such a huge and monumental trip when I was a kid, but when I think about it, it was only six blocks! 🙂 Then I got to hang out with my dad at wrestling practice until 5:00. Super exciting. Sorry, can’t tell you anything about the bus driver, but I guess that means s/he wasn’t mean, huh?

I don’t think I would remember the driver if I drove that short of a trip either.  I rode the bus over an hour to school though, so was quite different.  Thanks for entering Jill.. good luck.