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It is true, that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I do know I can’t afford to stay a bus driver, it took awhile to sink in. Today though, I was actually pretty serious. I applied for two jobs (well one I e-mailed last night) and got two instant interviews which was basically shocking.

One was to drive delinquent juveniles to and from court, which could be an interesting job. It would be a good job. I mean I do like driving, it is more a money issue than a dislike of driving.

This job will be different though, so I don’t know if I will like not having basically any type of relationship with the people I am driving around, they won’t be long term. It will always be different people. I think that I like driving now because of my relationship with my kids. I cry at the thought of leaving them. If I never drive the same person twice and who wants to when they are the delinquents. We want them to straighten up and never see them again. I don’t think I would like this job ultimately.

Ok, so the second interview has me a bit excited. Okay…very excited. My heart is beating faster just thinking about how much fun it could possibly be. Hope with me that they call me. This is at a car dealership and I would take pictures of cars (Yeah, you all know how much I like taking pictures right???). Anyways, take them and load them onto their internet site. I would respond via e-mail to all there car inquiries they get online. This is something that I could so do and it makes me smile.

The hours are from 9-6 though, which is crazy. I have been thinking about it though and it is probably cool that I could sleep in. I could stay up until midnight and still get 8 hours of sleep. That is a lovely idea… Kyra would learn to sleep in too. I think.

They didn’t reveal the pay yet, but I think/hope that I would have way more money too, so I could manage to go straight from there out to eat or whatever with Kyra or anyone else for that matter. It could be very fun.

I also would initially need to do some clothing shopping as it is a more dress up job of which my blue jeans won’t do. Isn’t it crazy that I do not own a pair of dress pants at all. I think my shirts will be fine for the most part though, I think I dress pretty nicely though. You know my sweaters and v neck shirts should work perfectly with some tan dress pants.

Oh, I hope they call me….

Anyways, I had to tell you all about that before tonight. I am still planning on going to school part-time too because I do really want to finish my degree as well. I deserve it.

Oh and I already have 2 bus drivers who are willing to watch Kyra during the days that I have her, so she would be with people she knows and that I trust. How does this all work out in life?? Now to only hope that I get the call….LOL…