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I am going to participate in the July Writing Group from July Mamablogga.

I have read the posts from this writing group before, but never actually submitted in time to join in.  Well, here I am in time, so what the heck.

This month they are writing about things that they appreciated about your mom or mother-in-law a “Thanks, Mom” post.  It is no secret that I don’t have a close relationship with my mom.  In fact, it is as far from close as it can get, we don’t speak.

I do appreciate some of the things my mom did for me when I was a kid though.  She wasn’t very predictable growing up, one thing would get you in trouble one day and get you praise the next.  I never knew what was coming and going.  This was stressful to me.

What I did appreciate at was the one day every term in school.  She would take me to the livestock auction and shopping.  A “vacation” day from school.  She always said that teachers got them and it was only fair that we get them too.  This was one thing that was very predictable every term, which was 2 days a year.

I love going to the livestock auction.  I think it was partially that I liked one of the guys that worked there (wouldn’t admit it then) and also because I like livestock auctions.  I still do.  I like watching the animals be sold and pondering about there previous lives.  I try not to think about their future lives, but the lives that they had lived to that point.  I wonder about the people that are buying them.  The sort of scruffy looking folks with thousands of dollars to spend on a limping cow.  It is still fascinating to me to this day.

I don’t like shopping so much.  I did like the big mall in Erie though and that is where we would go.  It made me feel small and there were so many people, each hustling and bustling with there usually 5 or 6 sales bags.  I myself probably had acquired a few of my own to drag around with me.  It seemed like I always got my best purchases done on these days.  I liked the people watching though.  I don’t so much anymore, but back than this was a good day.

I always looked forward to this day with mom.  I would plan it for months.  It was the light at the end of the “whatever”.  It was that stress-free day that I always looked forward to.  I wasn’t going to be picked on that day.  I think every kid should have this day at least twice a year with there mom.  The day without stress doing whatever is wanted to be done.

So, Thanks Mom. 

PS….a sidenote:

(I am pretty sure she reads this site, but she has never left a comment or indicated in anyway to me that she does read it.  I see the ISP from up there on my stats though.)