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Well, June has came. There are 3 days left of school here. I made it through the bus dinner. I learned that I probably will be able to get unemployment for the summer at least my boss thinks I will, so I won’t be as broke as I could be. Next I have a wedding to take photos at to worry about. I hope I don’t really mess that up, it would be so embarrassing. This wedding is June 24th, so only 3 weeks away.

Next Friday is the High School Rodeo. I would like to go to it. I need to get out of the house and that maybe exciting for Kyra to watch. It will give me a chance to photograph people too. I need to practice up for the wedding. I would like to get someone to model for me for my stock photos too. I am for sure not a professional at that yet, but my photos are pretty good.

I have been taking more photos in my light box. I don’t like the background that came with it, but I haven’t got it figured out what would be better, so I have been fixing the images up in Paint Shop. I also have a ton of stuff from cleaning my basement still that I want to get listed on ebay. It just seems like I don’t have time, even though it also seems like I don’t do anything. Really though I am always playing games with Kyra, so I am doing things. Very important things.

Kyra is walking now pretty well. She walks all the way across the room without falling, so that is good. Kyra still don’t really say words besides Bye Bye yet. Her milestone chart says that she should say Moma and Dada, but she doesn’t really. She does all the other things and even does the things for the few months ahead of her except the words parts. She even does some of the stuff that is on the 18 month old chart which I think is amazing.

Today is just a boring day. I think we are going to go to Bent and Dent after Kyra gets up from her nap and we take a shower, but if we are too slow. We will just stay here. It is supposed to rain all day, but right now the birds are out and singing up a storm. So who knows on the weather…they are never right.

Well, I am getting off her, but I haven’t posted in a few days I now I have. Bye…