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It is just stupid.  Why do kids think that they can get away with a knife of any sort?  There was a boy arrested at the school I drive for too this week and it is the 3rd day.  I don’t think that kids are doing it so much to hurt anyone, but they have to know that that is what you could do with them and they wouldn’t want other students to have them, so it isn’t allowed by anyone.  That is a simple rule, isn’t it???

Here is this article, I am just posting the whole thing it is so short.  The title is a link to the original though.

Bus Driver Finds Knife on 10-Year-Old

Web Editor: Tracey Christensen

A bus driver in Athens, Ga., retrieved a knife from a 10-year-old student after getting a tip about the weapon Monday, authorities said.

The driver was transporting children from school and, when he learned of the knife, he stopped the bus and took it from the student. The driver completed his route and returned to the school.

When the driver told the principal, police were called to the school. The 10-year old was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on a school bus and was released to the custody of a relative.