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ThoofWebPageLogo I keep seeing this Thoof page around.  I hate the name and because of that have never given it a chance.  Yeah, you can’t judge a webpage by it’s name.  Lesson learned.

So…I again saw the page offer for advertising and thought I should check this out.  Away, I go… I learn that Thoof is a really cool personalized news page.  It is sort of a mix between some social pages and StumbleUpOn.  It doesn’t require you to thumbs up, but automatically assumes a thumbs up if you don’t say that the particular page was uninteresting. 

They get there news from all over the internet various feeds.  You can even submit your feed for inclusion.  I haven’t…

There is another cool thing too.  You can edit the little segment that they show you advertising a story and vote on if you like other people changes. 

I think I am going to become a Thoofer too, starting today.