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20070804_00503p I left here Saturday at 5:30 for our way to Katie’s Wedding.  We made it in better time than I expected, so I stopped at my grandma’s on the way into town.  Stan, Kyra and I visited with her about an hour. 

We left and I got Stan his romantic picnic lunch he had planned and dropped him off at Doris’s house.  I went than to my parents shop.  They saw Kyra. 

I went to my brother’s house.  It is looking very country like.  He has a pike in his aquarium which looks really cool.  We both left for this wedding from there.  We made it to that in good time too.

That made Saturday basically very boring with mostly driving all the way til 1 or so. 

20070804_00603p The wedding was nice, nothing really exciting happened, so a rather dull event.  The food was good though, so it was a good day.  I had never met the groom before, so it was interesting.  I hope they have a great life with this.  I guess they are going to live in Bradford, so that will be nice.

20070804_00203p There was a stage at the reception hall that Kyra was just drawn too.  They played on this for most of the time.

20070804_02407p After we went to my brother’s house for the night.  The girls jumped on the air mattress (my bed).  I watched the movie “Night in the Museum” which they rented.  I was dead tired.  I hadn’t slept that good the night before and I think that made me even more tired.

Where do the girls get all there energy??  LOL…

20070804_05208p It was bed time and I was ready to sleep.  Haley was going to sleep with me which I thought was pretty cute.  She was all snuggled into bed with me.  Kyra was still ready to run.  Both girls went to bed pretty nice though and boy did I sleep.

I woke up the next morning.  I took a ride over to my parents to have breakfast with them like I said I would.  They were no where to be found, so I came back to my brothers.  We rode around on the 4 wheeler through the woods here.

Haley’s grandma came and we visited with her a bit.

Roy (Stan’s brother) delivered him over after this and we decided we were going to go to Chapman’s Dam. 

We left and stopped at the Train Station for lunch on the way to the dam.  Later, we would find out that this food made both me and Stan sick.  I am still paying for it actually…aaahhhh!

We got done eating and it started raining.  We went to the dam, but basically said “Bye” there.  Stan and I went and visited another of his friends “Bonnie”.  We visited an hour and then we were on our way back home.

20070805_05603p Kyra fell sleep almost out the driveway.  She slept almost all the way home.  We stopped at McDonald’s drive through and got dinner so she could continue to sleep.  I think it was the slowest drive through ever.  They brought our food to us one item at a time.  Kyra woke up in perfect time to start eating her Happy Meal.

We got home about 8 o’clock.  It was a fast weekend.

Kyra stayed up past midnight with me playing with her, so I went asleep and slept straight through into morning this morning too.  I feel refreshed now ready to go again.  I should have slept better Friday.