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Here is the bride, doesn’t she look gorgious?? He looks good too, but she is the star of this wedding for sure. This is the wedding we went to this weekend. It was a beautiful service. I hope they are both now having fun down in Tennessee.

The reception was very good. They had BBQ chicken for the entree which was okay. The building that they had it is was very nice. I had never been in that hall before. They have fixed it up really well. There were a lot of people there. Some I haven’t seen in a long time, although most were at the funeral 3 weeks ago.

My cousin Jesse (Kelly’s brother) passed out during the wedding while the preacher was referring to grandpa’s death. (Grandpa’s funeral was run by the same pastor in the same church.) It was sort of a sad minute in the service. He was recued by his mom though and was fine. He just sat on the pew for the rest of the ceremony. I think people noticed, but it didn’t really disrupt the ceremony very much. He was fine almost right away.

Than Dan (the groom) had a really hard time with the vows. She was all choked up, I guess because he was so happy. It was actually pretty cute. I think Kelly was really holding back from laughing though. It would have been tough on me if I were in her shoes.

They are moving now next month down to close to me, well, 2 hours from me. Further….away from there parents than I am. I thought I was the only one that would ever leave that town. It will be interesting as maybe I will actually see her more and maybe I will know her better.

Right now I feel like she is my cousin and that is great, but I never really knew her as a person. Our 7 years age difference is a big one when you are little kids, but now that we are older. We have more in common than a lot of the other people in our family have in common. So we will see how that goes. She doesn’t drive though, so who knows what will happen.

Well, that was that…I will post more pictures from the trip later.