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Today has been pretty good, but you can’t tell from my face. I look like I am ready to bite someone in that picture. LOL…

Meanwhile, my husband is looking all adorable holding Kyra square on his lap. She and he look alike a lot don’t they?? I think they do. In this picture it even looks like she has his nose, which I have been claiming. Oh well, she is lucky. She has a good guy for a dad.

The girls have been over playing for all the morning part of the day. They don’t get to see us all that often. So it was fun. Every time Adam came around me he was like Kyra is going to be like them someday. It was pretty cute. Last time they were here though was July, so Kyra is so much bigger now and sort of more fun. I guess everyday has it’s own fun value. Right now we are maxing that out though, chasing her around here. LOL…

I like my Yahoo news. Lately I read an article that is the perfect job for Adam. He would love it. LOL… He wouldn’t even have to put in more hours. He would just have to dramatically improve his skills and probably try a different game than Major League Baseball 1999. LOL… These kids are making good money and playing games for a living. That would be great. Here is the article. I changed it over to my server because Yahoo disappears so fast. There is the original link at the bottom on there though. Progamers

There was than another article that caught my eye. It was about a flight attendant that kicked a lady off an airplane for breast feeding her baby in the far window seat with her husband on guard. Wow…I flew a couple months ago to Florida and it looked like there were quite a few babies and quite a few nursing moms on the flight, myself included. I would have freaked if they told me to leave the plane. I am glad they had a nurse in. These a great…LOL. They had one in the Harrisburg Mall awhile back and over 100 moms went to it. That was because of a security guard incident, I guess. I was pregnant or just about pregnant when it happened. I just think nursing is so healthy, why should anyone discourage it?? If you are uncomfortable with it don’t look. Here is that article. Again, changed over to my server. Airline Link

Here is the picture of Kyra and the girls from today. Kyra is always with her toothbrush. LOL… They tired her out because she is taking a nap now and has already slept past the 2 hour mark.

Tomorrow there is school. This week is short though with it ending on Wednesday and a 2 hour early dismissal. We have dentist appointments tomorrow too. I so hope that I don’t have any cavities. I so hate that drill thing.

Oh one other thing. I am trying to get this job at TeamDoubleClick, where I would work for a company right from home as an assistant. I am hopefully going to get it. I will maybe quit my middle of the day school bus run and just work though the day for them. Hopefully this works out. Here is there website if you want to see it.

Well, that is all for now. Bye….