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Here is Kyra in the standard kiss the baby pose.  She is such a loving kid, she kisses everything.  Maybe it is because we kiss her, the dolls, whatever as well.  Who knows…. 

It is really cool though sometimes when she kisses me on the cheek out of nowhere.  It like makes my day..or at least say hour.  LOL…

Today was a pretty standard day.  I didn’t sleep last night hardly though as my new usual.  I was talking to a lady at the school who also had pain weaning like I am..she said it lasted about a week for her.  Who knows.

Oh, I got some penicillin for myself by lying.  I don’t feel like going to the doctor for her to verify that I am sort of sick and than me paying over $100 for her professional opinion on the matter.  I ,well Adam did it for me… called Kyra’s doctor and said she spilled her medicine.  She really didn’t…I am taking it.  I really do have this sickness and really don’t want to suffer through it this time.  The price of $10 is much better though to me.  Therefore in the next few days, if I should pass away.  It is probably from the controlled substance of penicillin.

Here she is with Kit Kat because she starved the day before yesterday.  I let her have whatever she wanted…yeah.  Kit Kats.  She learned to unwrap them.  I used to give her a whole pile of them and I knew she could only eat what I opened, well not anymore.  I guess I have to start hiding them.   Although opening a package does take quite a long time and intense concentration, this sometimes happens to me though with those little things.  I am sure it is a temporary condition with my little one.  Those little fingers are really learning to work quite well for her.

Oh, she also opened the refrigerator for the first time by herself.  I think it took every ounce of strength she had though.  She will be doing this in no time easy as well.

I got quite a bit of work done today.  I will get more done tonight, so I will call today a productive day.  I even am getting my post done early…isn’t this amazing? 

Well, I am going to shower all that good evening stuff.  Bye…