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Today was a good day.  We mostly didn’t do much.  We did go to town to the pharmacy though and to the used furniture store.  I feel like I scored.  I got a single bed, a queen sized frame and a mini Spongebob Kid Chair and Table Set for $200.  Now alls I have to do is figure out how to pick it up on Monday.  Kyra and I will both have our new beds.

20070728_01003p We played outside for a long while.  We came in and Kyra went almost immediately to sleep.  Here is how it looked.

20070728_01406p This is the first pose.

20070728_01506p While still sleeping, she moved into this pose.  I think the cat has a magnetic force on her that nobody but Kyra is attracted with. 

Stan had a low sugar episode today.  Man do those scare me.  His sugar was down to 35 which is really bad.  He drank a whole can of Pepsi.  I gave him pasta for dinner which he hasn’t had in a whole long while.

I also got an appointment to get my new starter next week.  Anyways…that was my day.  I am going to bed early tonight.  Good Night…