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So, instead of telling you about my day today.  I am going to tell you about Kyra’s.  Yeah, I hear you they are pretty much one in the same, but this could be fun.

Kyra writing:

I got up early today before the alarm clock went off, Mom was snoring away.  I couldn’t handle it another minute, so I climb up on her bed and jump on her.  Yes, I almost knock myself out when my head hits hers and she screams and jumps at the same time.  I calm her down though with a kiss, she loves it when I kiss her.

I reluctantly use the potty when she instructs me too, but I do use it.  I convince her we have to go to the bus and she finally agrees.  I take her by the hand and as fast as I can run to the bus outside.  I take my post and we are off.

The high school kids are boring and I wasn’t really as enthused about waking up as I had appeared.  I decide to take a quick nap, life is good.

We get rid of those kids, so it is time for me to wake up.  The fun kids are coming next.

They play peek-a-boo and sing ABC’s with me all the way to school.

Mom tells me we are going to the park today, this makes me very happy.  I clap my hands every time she looks at me all the way until we get to the park.  It seems like I am clapping forever, but I keep on clapping. 

I decide to take Zoe with me to the park.  It is fun when I have friends there and today.  I have all my friends.  This is one of the playgroup park days, so there are a whole lot of other kids my age to play with and Mommy says it is okay.  I prefer Zoe though and sort of keep to myself.

20070914_00508a See Zoe go down the slide??

20070914_00808a See Zoe swing??

20070914_00308a 20070914_00908a Yeah, I go down the slide too and swing as well.

I like jumping on that moving bridge also, it is pretty fun place.  There were like 10 other moms all smiling at the way I get the bridge to shake and how loud I laugh.  What is wrong with these people??  Don’t they know what fun is??

20070914_01809a I wore myself out and decided to swing with Zoe in the relaxing baby swing.

Mom says it is time to leave, so I cry and kick my feet.  It doesn’t matter where we are leaving.  It is always fun to kick my feet and pretend to be mad.  I am really hungry though, so mom talking about food makes me smile again.

20070914_02011a I eat my beans.  I had a pork chop too.  It was good and I ate it all.  Mom says I eat more than she does, but I don’t believe her.

Mom says it is time to go get the kids again.  I am ready to go because this is a good resting time for me.  I slept for almost the whole time, except I did wake up to be played with at the end.  The last kids are the most fun. 

We go home and I play with the horses.  The brown one is nice and always lets me pet him.  We are working on getting him moved to his other pasture, but there is an apple tree in there.  Mom and I go pick up apples, so the horses don’t get belly aches from them.  We pick up 6 buckets, but it is raining and we are wet and tired.  We decide to finish tomorrow.

20070914_04907p We go to the house and I read some of my books.  Today was so busy, I just climb up onto mom’s lap and go to sleep.  She is so warm you know.

Good Night…