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I can’t believe she is 3 already.  I never believe people when they say time goes fast, but when you have a kid it is like time multiplies in speed.  I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.  LOL…

Anyways, Kyra is 3.

We went to a tuperware party at Stephanie’s house and we left early and went to Red Robin for lunch with Tarin, Kevin, and Tom.  It was good food.  I like Red Robin anyways.  Tom got Kyra this magnetic face book, which she really seems to like.  I wonder how long the pieces hang around.

We went miniature golfing afterward, but it was too hot.  I really should know when to say no.  I can’t handle the heat at all.  I got sick, so I came home and essentially went to bed.  I couldn’t sleep though, so it wasn’t like going to sleep.

I think my problem with heat is that I don’t sweat.  Yeah, Stephen, Tarin, and Kevin all had like wet shirts from sweating so much and I almost didn’t have a drip of sweat on me.  It was 92 degrees out and I should have been sweaty, but I wasn’t.  I never have been a big sweater, but less sweat is one of the side effects of the medicine I take for my bladder.  I think I am going to talk to that stupid doctor about it.

I not sure how but I got feeling better, got back up and went for a walk and got my car. It was at Stephen’s.   Kyra stayed up until like 11:30 which isn’t a bad thing because that means she would sleep in and she did.  We slept until almost 9.

Anyways, Kyra is now a big 3.