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This is my look back in time. I didn’t believe people when they told me that they grow up fast. I don’t remember growing up fast myself. I now believe them that from this perspective….time goes by quickly.

DSCN4969_edited-1 Here look where we started from. That is my Kyra, July 21, 2005, so less than 2 weeks old. This is the photo that I used on my baby announcements that were sent out, but the feet weren’t on the photo. I still love it.

DSCN4507 This is her at 4 months old. I started blogging here when she was 6 months old so the pictures of her at this age aren’t published much. You can sort of watch her growth with the archives after that. Doesn’t she look peaceful here though. I love this one too.

_DSC1878 Here is her in January 2006. She was pretty big for her age then. She had mastered rolling both directions sometime close to this time. She had one direction pretty early, but getting that other direction was hard for her.

Kyra Framed Finally there is her birthday party last year. She tore into that cake. It was so fun.

We aren’t having her much of a party this year. I am having my rock club picnic at my house this year and that is on the Sunday, so she will get lots of “Happy Birthday’s”, but no official party now beyond just with us. I expect like 20-30 people to be here for that.

Well, that is enough posting for one night. I am getting off here. Good Night…