Select Page got a lot done for us today basically. The whole kitchen and things. We however mostly just laid back and relaxed. Tom was over helping with Kyra while I answer my phone which I only had 6 calls today. They were longer ones than usual messages though. They actually had nice messages with them.

We ordered pizza and had that for lunch. We than in the evening went to Wendy’s to eat. I love there 2.99 value meals. It is the perfect size for me and wow…that really is a good price for me. You get plenty. I love Wendy’s and am so glad they moved to our town with all the other fast food restaurants. LOL…

Our town only has fast food, there are no sit down restaurants to speak of. I wish there were though, they could make a killing. I think some have tried, but there are no liquor licenses to be had, to many bars have them and use them. This is a college town so I guess a lot of drinking happens without us non-drinkers noticing so much. I lived here for 4 years and didn’t know where the bars were. Now that I am designated driving frequently. I sort of have there locations pegged.

Here is Kyra today. Doesn’t she look cool. She finally will keep the sun glasses on long enough for a picture. You don’t know how many times I have take her picture right as she took them off in the past. It would be uncountable.

Oh, a Kyra update….ha ha… She has went poopy in the potty now for 2 days straight. I think she likes it. I hope she likes it. That would mean no more yucky disgusting pull ups. Woo Hoo…. I don’t call her potty trained yet though. I changed 2 pee pants today.

Well, that is me. I am not going to bed quite yet, but I am done posting today. Aren’t you glad? ha ha