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 Las Vegas homes are so fun to look at.  They are so different from our homes here in PA where split level homes are almost a standard.  I mean the type of home in this picture is almost never seen here or are considered luxury homes.

They have some of the coolest community development names too.  I mean look at the list: Desert Shores (What a pun huh?  Vegas is as far from water as we get here in US.), Queensridge, Canyon Gate.  I love those names, here in PA the developments that I know of are Country Manor, Farmington Manor, Capo Developments see how they have basically no appeal other than the semi-nice homes.  LOL…

They have a blog over here too, so you should check that out. It is full of information about the area and it seems to be added to daily which makes it a very active site much like this site. 

There is a category of photos that this realtor should add more stuff too.  The few photos there are great, but for us out of town dreamers maybe a few more would entice us to make the plunge and move into your mansion luxury homes in the middle of the desert.

I have been to the mall in Vegas when I drove truck and it is much like any other town.  The actual famous strip in Vegas is pretty much anti-trucks, so you have to park forever away from it and get taken in with a cab of which I didn’t.  I just drove through and went onto more truck friendly areas with equal gambling in Nevada.