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This is just unacceptable that this happened.  This driver should be seriously reprimanded and possibly not driving anymore.

I have 3 Latin students on my route and they are 3 of my favorite students.  You aren’t supposed to have favorites I know, you will catch me calling each of my students my favorite though.  I think that cancels out the no favorites rule if they are all favorites.  When they are misbehaving though, I will tell them they aren’t acting like my favorite student right now.  I will tell there seat partner that they aren’t being a very good friend.  Those are my two common lines.

Anyways…one of my latin students is about the best artist I have ever seen.  I am going to offer him something to draw a picture of me and Kyra from one of my photographs and for something to keep as my “prized” items that I keep in a file every year.  The gifts and photos from my students.

Here is the PDF of the news story should it get taken off, but it is a blog.  I doubt it will.