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Ross (who commented on this post) sent me this article from China about a handsome young man who did die on a bus after being left on it. Here is the story from the Epoch Times. Here is the PDF version should that one be changed.

I was of the honest opinion that I didn’t think it could happen.  I guess it can and it did.  It is tragic.

Ross pointed out in his e-mail the new child check mate system that is being installed on new busses in our fleet, but maybe even some old ones too.  This is a system that makes a heck of an alarm go off…yeah you think sort of think car alarm but like on steroids or something.  It included all the lights of a school bus going.  I think even the interior lights flash. Horn going, the works.  The driver has like a minute to get back and open the emergency exit door to stop this from happening every time they shut of there engine.

I think it is a good idea, although quite nerve wrecking if the alarm does go off.  A horn beep would probably be as efficient.  It does surely keep you going back and checking though.

Our fleet has 3 busses with it and all the new ones coming in will have it, which means I have about 6 years to wait more than likely.  I like my bus though and now am an avid checker.  Kyra will be helping.  I also have my last student on board checking as she comes up to the front.