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  Yes, it snowed here pretty good.  So good that Adam couldn’t get home from work.  He was stuck the night in Cleveland.  It pretty much sucked.  Here is the picture out my backdoor though while the snow was falling.  It is sort of pretty.

Here is the picture of the straight line to the barn that I shoveled today.  Wow, huh?  LOL… It is hard to hold a child and shovel at the same time.  Everyone should try it.  Kyra cried almost everytime I put her down.  (Adam was still stuck in Ohio.)  I wanted a path though because if I had to carry water out to the goats, a path sure makes it easier. 

It is supposed to snow again tonight, so who knows.

Now, here is a strange thing… this is a 100% small view of the snow on my front yard.  It is like dirty.  I have no idea what all those little spots are, but they are basically all over my front yard and not in my back yard.  I was talking to my neighbor (across the street from this) about it and she thought it was really strange too.

Anyways, Adam made it home about 3 o’clock. So now, we are all here and fine and I say “Let it Snow”, it may as well keep going now that it has gotten this far. 

So there you have it…