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As I type this, Snowy is dying in my kitchen.  I have been crying and crying.  I did everything I can possibly do though.  He won’t eat.  He is on a pillow case with another pillowcase covering him with a folded pillow case under his head.  He will be gone when I finish typing this more than likely.  (Ahhh, more tears….)

Here are pictures though.  When I went out this evening, the twins were playing and jumping and running and kicking there feet up in the sun through the window.  The girl is the front baby in both these pictures and the only goat in the solo baby shot.  She is the new sweet heart in the barn.  LOL..

They really look different than the pictures I took of them still wet from birth don’t they?  They are so adorable right now.  They have probably tripled there birth weight already.  I took a picture with Misty in it, but it got cut. The light was hitting her weird as she is in the shadow.  I have to try again more pictures tomorrow.

Oh, and on the names.  Everyone of the neighbor kids seemed to like the name “Caramel” that was suggested in my comments, so that is what the name is for this little girl.  The little boy twin is named “Bullet” and “White Bullet” if you want to be specific.

Ok, so (Asheley’s last triplet) Finley is doing great as well.  He just inhaled another bottle at 9:30 here, so he is good til morning.  He is sleeping well and looks like he is starting to gain weight from the replacer.  He is still no where near as healthy as these twins, but I am very confident he is going to make it.  Now, I just have to find him a good home because if I am going to raise a hand fed billy goat, he had best be used for a stud by someone somewhere out there.  So, I am now not only feeding this young billy, but I will also be hunting him down a permanent position or at least a position to keep for awhile.  So off, I go to every great goat from that I know of. He has some pretty good genetics behind him even though the misfortune of his situation.  His father was a registered Boer goat and his mother a pure bred Nubian, so he is a good perfect mix of milk and meat producing goats.    

This last picture is meant to show Adam’s beard.  He wanted me to take pictures of it because he is going to shave it off again.  His facial hair grows funny on his face, but every year when it is cold outside for a week or so he gets this urge to not shave, so I don’t fight it.  I know it is short lived and it is cool.  LOL… 

 It seems like I spend and equal part of my day in the house and an equal part in the barn here lately.  It is really great weather wise and all that snow we had is melting leaving huge mounds of mud where I park my bus, but I don’t even have to prestart it as it is so warm.  I am feeling spring in the air and I am ready.  Even though, I did like this last snow storm too.

Well, I am going to attempt to sleep.  I probably won’t though, so I will be working on BTI more than likely writing more cheesy lines.  Oh, that is really fun sometimes. If you buy from Amazon, you should go over there and hit a link for me.  The money produced goes almost directly into my retirement account, you all want me to retire with a nice amount of change don’t you??  LOL…. Don’t buy anything you wouldn’t normally buy though.  I not asking for that, but if you are going to buy from Amazon anyways, why not.

See ya…