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My camera card reader for my computer is broke.  I don’t exactly know what happened to make it broke, but I can push my card in all the way where as before it would go about 1/2 way and then end and read it.

So, no pictures even though I have them.  I spent most of today getting ready for this party though, who knows why exactly I am the one who is always helping out though.  I am and have been for years.  It is fun I guess in this sort of strange way.  There is a ton of work that goes on before a party though.

I worked on that from like noon to 4 or so.

The party started at 5, but mostly people didn’t come until 7.  The karaoke guy is out there and some of them can really sing.  I am not one of them though.  I squeek and get nervous, maybe if I had a few drinks. 

Do you think I would drink a few drinks though??  Not a chance…I had one strong Jell-o shooter, that is all.  I can still feel it eating away on there on the lining of my stomach and it has been a good hour.  I had food prior even.  I am the biggest alcohol woosey on earth.  It is probably a good thing though.

I am taking a break now from it.  Kyra is going to bed.  I will go back out though and listen to the singing until it is done.  I’ll post pictures when I get a new reader…probably tomorrow.  Have a great night.