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I think in one big swoop my whole life is about to change dramatically.

Adam and I have discussed in the past what was going to happen with his dad and such with him living up there all by himself without any one.  We are the ones in the best position to get care and such for him.

Ultimately, we decided to offer to let him live with us because it is just the best option and I like him and want him to get the best of life. 

Adam live here, of course.  His brother, Andy lives an hour from here in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Kevin lives in Ohio, but is never home.  Tim lives up there by where he lives now, but can hardly take care of himself.

So now with Stan deciding he is going to take this offer.  My life is going to change dramatically or maybe it will. 

I think that as of now I am only imagining the surface of the changes to come.  I am hoping that it is a good experience though as Stan is a nice man and he deserves to know Kyra better. 

What is life like though with a 70+ year old man and a 2- year old girl in the same house?