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I consider and reconsider what I should do with this blog site over the years. I\’ve just been letting it sit, I know dumb right. Well, I\’m going to start back up blogging again right here, so there will be a huge gap in time on my site. My life is a whirl wind of activity though. I now live in a the beautiful state of Tennessee although I\’ve had a less then welcoming experience for the most part. I find the south to be very racist and discrimination is rampant. I used to always think that making a big deal of discrimination was crazy because I had never really experienced it. I have now. I understand, it is a big deal.\r\n

My Kyra is now almost 8 years old. She turns 8 this week actually. She is on the swim team excelling at that. I\’m so proud of her and everything she has gone through. Having been in the middle of my divorce and the legal stuff that is divorce has to be the hardest thing we can put our kids through, but she is through and doing well. She loves her school down here and they are very good at teaching in a way she can understand. The school is very structured with a time and place for everything. She enjoys it. Swimming is her outlet though, she has practice 2 or 3 days a week, which is very good for her. She is learning how to do the breaststroke right now.\r\n

My Drake is now two years old. He is obsessed with tractors and learning how to talk. He will make you laugh when he says \”Oh Man\” when he is aggravated. As I type this, he is playing with a tent stick pretending it is some sort of weapon, like a bazooka or something over the shoulder. He keeps screaming \”Boom Boom\” and jumping up and down. It\’s a really beautiful day here today, so I\’m outside typing.\r\n

As for me, I am sort of between jobs. I get unemployment benefits which require I look for a job, but I won\’t be able to find a job that paid what I made before or even what I make with my unemployment checks. So, I\’m kind of resolved to letting them play out. I still have my insurance license, but I am confident that with the reaction of people down here towards me. I would be a poor insurance sales person. I have all the qualities that people seem not to like for this area… I\’m female. I have a child with a man I am not married. I do not attend church. I am divorced. I\’m from the north (a Yankee). Heck, our dog isn\’t even liked here. The UPS man threw my package down and ran because I brought him outside on a leash.\r\n

Somehow, I\’ve also come to expect service from places like banks and businesses in general. I\’ve given up on those sort of things here though after trying three banks. I\’ve changed to an online only bank as my primary account. I get better service over the phone from a random person.\r\n

There are some great things here though. I love walking here, it is so rural that walking 3 miles a day I hardly get into any traffic. Clothing is much cheaper here. There is an old joy that I still love…that is taking my kids out to lunch and watching them behave wonderfully. I\’m very fortunate. I have the best kids ever. The sky is very pretty here. The clouds seem more vibrant. I also have a wonderful home.\r\n

Stephen proposed to me 3 days before my birthday while I was cleaning up vomit. Probably not the most elegant timing ever, but yet really sweet. It was a rough week and he undid all that. I don\’t know when we will actually get married. We want a nice wedding without using any money we don\’t have, so no credit cards. Believe it or not, I\’ve never worn a gown in my life. I didn\’t go to prom and I\’ve had no occasion to wear a formal gown, so I want the nice gown.\r\n

Anyways, Stephen is doing well. I can\’t believe we have been together close to 6 years now. He got a good job here as the Quality Control Manager of a mill, so we are doing well for the most part. It is still sort of strange to me that I make less money than he does. I know that is a reversal of roles but that is the way it was for many years with him going to school full-time.\r\n

Anyways, that is our update and I\’m going to try to get back into blogging once a week.