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Well, I signed up for this service called Review Back awhile ago.  Time went along and I sort of forgot that I had signed up for this program.  I got an e-mail though two days ago.  I just got to reading it and learned that the site “Life’s Roller Coaster” has requested a review by me.

I went to the site.  It is a nice personal site sort of like mine.  The lady writing over here is from Malaysia and a few years younger than me.  She has a nice two column look. I would make the content window a little wider, so the photos fit without running off.  I like that she puts her MBL readership right towards the top.

I read her site, she is a talented writer.  I love how she changes the color of the text to highlight an area in the text.  She has neat little animated images as well drawing in your eye.

Her topics are wide spread much like mine.  She talks about Desperate Housewives and days off.  There are pictures of boss and co-workers at a dinner.  It is very much a huge variety. 

I sometimes wonder what it would be like living outside the US and this site does give you an insight that makes it look much the same. This site gives Malaysia a good reputation and looks to be an enjoyable place which is great.

Anyways, that is my thoughts on Life’s Roller Coaster.  It is a site that I could read, but right now am not.  I am trying to lessen the number of sites I am reading.   It is impossible to read almost 350 sites at one time which is sort of where I am now.