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Kyra is on this “me” thing still.  Everything is me…  The dog licks her and we tell her that the dog likes her.  She smiles and proclaims really loud now everytime he does this “Likes Me” which all by itself is very cute.  She has it totally figured out.

So, today sitting on the couch she starts licking my arm and what does she say “Likes Mama”.  I say yeah, likes mama and just let her keep giving my arm a bath. 

Well, so if you visit with Kyra and she licks you please don’t be offended, she just likes you.  I am not telling her any different because it is too funny.

Today was a great day though.  I didn’t have that talk with my high school kids, I think those talks go on deaf ears anyways.  I know I was deaf ears in high school to the bus driver.  I actually sort of liked it when she got all upset and stopped the bus to scream at us.  I was the one all straight faced, but laughing underneath.  Poor ol’ Mrs. Shaffer….  I feel sorry for you having had to drive me around.  So, I never did the talk.

Today I actually got a smart comment too.  What is going on…  I got the whisper “We are getting sick of you being late!” as the student got on.  Yes, I was late.  It wasn’t my fault though I leave my house on time everyday.  I usually wait in the bus a few minutes before I leave even.  Today I got held by all 3 of my red lights though and the place where I cross traffic had more traffic than I have ever seen.  I think I sat there 5 minutes waiting for traffic.  This made me late, but only to my last stop.   I wasn’t late to school though, so I am okay with kids waiting on the curb for me.  It is when I am early that I don’t like.

Anyways…all that is fine.  It was a good day to drive.  It only rained a little.

I got home and went into the pharmacy to get Stan’s medicine.  I stopped at Wal*mart and got some Jet-Dry.  Is that stuff really important??  I don’t want to chance it so I got it.  I got the big bottle. 

I was checking out and accidentally got cash back, so now I have to go deposit money back into my account tomorrow.  I don’t have any to spare really.  It was nice holding a few dollars for a few minutes though. I could feel it getting hot in my pocket.

It was a great day though.  I am looking forward to Friday now, so 2 more days.  Steve has some secret planned date for me.  We will see, where we go.  It is like it can’t come any slower though.  Oh yeah, his name is Steve.  I didn’t say that the other night.  LOL…  I know we are going to dinner at some fancy place that will make me nervous, but it should be fun.  Beyond that…I have no idea.

I didn’t take any photos today.  There are quite a few in the past few days to look through and I’ll take more tomorrow.  Have a wonderful night…