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I found this really interesting ad value calculator online while looking at something, I forget what. Link Ad Calculator This is very interesting though, it says an add on my page is only worth $3.00 per month, which I guess if fine by me. However, the fun with this thing is checking out pretty popular sites, like… with a price tag of $4,037 for an ad on the footer of there page. Wow…huh? Does that make you want to up your SEO in your page or what? Well, not for this page really. This is my hobby. I think I would feel so much pressure if someone were paying that type of money for a spot measured in inches.

Here is the site I was looking at when I found that calculator. I did the back button and went to them. I guess they deserve to be told here because I had so much fun playing with the thing. Andrea Micheloni I don’t really know what I was looking for on his site though or how I got there. I just seem to meander my way around all over.


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