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I know this is my description of my site in Link Referral.

This is the story of my life. I like pictures, so there is quite a few. It is just a boring simple life.

So, I usually get reviews that mention that my life isn’t that boring and such.  They are great basically.  I love getting criticism too, don’t get me wrong.  Suggestions for improvements to this site has helped make it what it is today.

Today though, I got this review. (I left the spelling errors all intact.)

ok really boaring….but here comes the help. say some thing in 5 seconds to let some one ready to hear you for next one minute.and within that golden one minute make the person ready to listen you next 5 minutes…if you develope this guts.belive me 2 minutes are more then enough to sell an airoplane. your site is ok,not professional, but you can do better than that.wish you a good luck..

Anyways, it is making me feel really boring now and like I talk to much.  LOL…

Here check out the site that belongs to this person.  This is some great animation of some people that are even more boring than me though.  They never move there feet only wiggle around a little.  LOL…  It is pretty cool though. I don’t think the person who typed my review did the design, do you??