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Ok, so I don’t have a million dollar project or a trip to Portugal , rural India, or Bhutan in my near future.  I also don’t have a divas approach to life and work! Maybe people with these things are my daily heroes.  I don’t know, an inspiration to clean up your act & get on with your life!

I am sort of techno savvy and do know a tiny bit of web development with some of my friends hitting me up to help them get more in with social media optimization.  I do give out plenty of computer tips .  I am listed in some article directories.

I take everyday pictures, everyday. with lots of  parenting humor and things that parents can appreciate .  I share a day in the life of me on here almost daily.

So if today is the day that you are first finding this site, take a good look around.  You will find a whole bunch of information all about me and what I enjoy about life.  You might get something out of that too.  You will see almost exclusively photos taken from my camera.  This is the life of Jennifer a school bus driver.

This is my links project re-write.  We have a collection of these links with these terms and we all wrote a story with them, so go check them out.  Here is the originator of this idea and she used a photo of me…aaaahhhhh.  The one with the diaper on my head.