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I am just realizing my life is totally boring on weekdays.  I wake up, get in shower usually, get on computer an hour.  Kyra wakes up.  I either make her breakfast or not depending on if she going to her dad’s that day.  Get ready for work and we are off…

Work all day.  My work is exciting at times, but for the most part very dull to the onlooker.  I type and do paperwork all day almost fruitlessly.  Randomly calling someone or hugging someone who just hit a deer.  I listen the the crazy stories of the lives of my customers.  I am the person that knows a lot about them, but they hardly notice that I do.  I see them once a month for the most part, try my hardest to remember every name.

It is funny because I remember working so hard at remembering the kids on my school bus names too.  It is ironic how similar these completely different jobs are in the details.

I get home from work, I used to always have to cook something.  Now, Stephen is already home, so I either cook, help cook or eat what Stephen has cooked.  Play with the dogs, read with Kyra, Kyra gets a bath, watch Curious George and go to bed.

That is a typical work day right there.

Weekends though, they rock.  We change everything up.

This past weekend on Saturday we went to a rock show in the morning.  It was raining, so we didn’t go to fall festival like we had planned.  We came home and worked on sorting toys.  I am cleaning out Kyra’s baby toys so we have room for new bigger kid toys at Christmas time.  We cleaned for quite a bit on Saturday.  In the evening, Kyra went to play with Hannah and Gage and Stephen and I went out to a band.

It was really fun. Brad came out from Philly.  It is good to be back with my friends.

Sunday, we went shopping.  Stephen got 2 new cell phones.  Yeah, weird I know.  His Verizon one died and it was under warranty, so he got a new one from them.  I hope to sell that one on ebay and make the money that he spent on the other one.  He then got onto my AT&T plan, so it would save us some money.  I think that instead of spending like $160 a month we should save about $40 a month by being on the same plan.

We ate out at Bonanza where Kyra is free.  Free is really a draw for that place, but they really do get ripped off.  Kyra eats more than I do usually.  I guess I paid $10, so they make out in the end.

Anyways, that is my typical day and my last weekend.  It is all a really great life.  I am so happy to be me.  I am one of those people that don’t envy others who loves being right where I am at right at this minute.  It is truly great.  I used to not be at this place mentally and this is truly way better.