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Here is a site with a test (results require you to enter e-mail), but the test proclaims to see if you could live in the top 2% with some self improvement tips.

Here is what it says about me as a result of finishing the test.

You could live in the top 2% of America!

Discipline -While hard work is certainly instrumental in attaining success, it is useless without discipline. Discipline is the ability to set goals, manage one’s time, measure results, and maintain overall balance in life.

Although you don’t think of yourself as the “anal-retentive” type, others have a tendency to view you as “over the top” organized. Little do they know that secretly, you feel as disorganized as the next guy.

Passion -It’s more than just hard work, it’s holding on to the dream. Though life comes at you hard sometimes, every person must have an instinct to press on and dream big. Regardless of what you do, it is only success when you have done your best.

Judging by your responses, you’re ready to take on the world. The larger the obstacle, the greater the accomplishment. The greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory. You’re going somewhere, and people know it.

Risk – Risk is not always a matter of rolling the dice, and in this case, our goal is to measure one’s willingness to step out of the “comfort zone.” Success often requires change, and the road is often paved with new challenges that defy complacency.

Unfortunately, based on your responses, it would seem as if complacency and/or fear have paralyzed you from effectively making necessary changes in your life. You may want to remember that improvement requires change, and although it can be uncomfortable, it is sometimes necessary. Dare to take a chance. Try something new. Success is just a few steps away.

Optimism – “You are what you think about,” so the saying goes, and it is no surprise that happy people are, well, just happier. This category of optimism includes both internal and external sources of positive affirmation (i.e., self-esteem, confidence, self-image, spiritual acuity, etc.).

If positive outlook is a requirement for success, then you seem to have the world by the tail. Without being boastful, you have a genuine sense self, and find value in being yourself. You are a pleasure to be around and find your time in high demand by others.

Interpersonal Skills – Relationships are pivotal to overall success, and that not only includes personal relationships, but also the ability to deal with people. Negotiating. Selling. Public speaking. Regardless of your trade, these factors are all necessary for ultimate success.

Your replies on this test indicate that you tend to be an introvert by nature, and are likely in need of some confidence in your own abilities. Whether you actually lack the skills, or just the ability to implement them, it is holding you back and you need to find a fix. Bear in mind that introversion is not an impediment to success; it can actually be an asset. The key is honing your skills.

If you want to take this test, it is only 5 short pages of questions.  It was fun to take, my only wish is that it didn’t require my e-mail to get results.  I did learn that the results are not e-mailed to you, so a bogus e-mail would probably get your results.  I personally went and made a hotmail account in which I have already forgotten the password.

Anyways….when I go to the section after the test, I get this as a quote:

Your primary opportunity for improvement lies in the area of INTERPERSONAL SKILLS. The ability to communicate and interact with others in a positive, confident, mutually satisfying way is absolutely critical to achievement. Without it, all the ambition and hard work in the world won’t get you to where you want to be.

I almost find this more interesting than the results of my test.  Yes, I am an introvert easy.  The cure though for being an introvert is a book which only costs $55.97 through them. 

Wow, I am so sorry.  I started out with this post wanting it to be so positive and uplifting.  I am probably a huge disgrace to the people that sponsored it though.  I think this site has an interesting personality test and the results are okay as far as value.  I beyond taking the test would not invest with this company, not because they have a bad thing going.  I don’t know on that.  They do not have a few website basics though and are collecting information about us which they do not reveal about themselves, for example what is their e-mail address??  I can’t find it, they don’t have a contact page as a matter a fact the only page I can leave to from there sales pitch is the “Buy” page where they reveal the price of this magic book.

On their premise though, how would living in the top 2% of earners make me better.  I probably wouldn’t change much except I would have no house payments, of course.  I would start a pretty large college fund and probably pay for all the kids on my bus to get their education.  That is the greatest good I could do for the world with more money.  I know that money does not buy happiness and my happiness level couldn’t increase by much really anyways.  I am pretty much okay with being broke so long as I am not starving and my bills are paid.  You know!!