Select Page Today was just really long. It started out with the night just seeming really short. Kyra was up and down and up and down. I think she is the only one that got semi-good sleep. We went driving this morning our first morning back after a week off. She slept right til it was time to leave, so I guess she got used to sleeping in. It was good for me to see my bus kids. I like them the majority.

I went to do my taxes like I said I was going to yesterday. Well, yesterday there was a sign that said they would be open today and today there was a sign that said they will be open on Friday. I am sort of hating on H&R Block right now. I used to work there and I know the lady really kind of well. I saw her on Monday at Target and told her I was coming. I am really not in the mood though, as this sucks.

I was doing all that and missed my shower time. Yeah, I never took a shower today. That sucks…. After all my driving, the neighbor kids were here using the computer and complaining about there parents not getting internet access for them at there house. I don’t mind that they don’t have it though, I get to see the kids more often essentially every time they need homework done that has any type of research involved. I would never get to see them if if weren’t for research and the occasional need for a cooking ingredient. I would have felt weird getting in the shower with them here, so that didn’t happen and now it is too late my hair will be wet all night and that would keep me awake.

I talked to Josh today too. The contractor going to start my kitchen. He had some projects run over expected times, so he will be starting here next week. We are going to make a small table rock topped to test out the slab counter thing and see how it goes. I am so excited…can’t wait until this is all started and ultimately completed. No more pushing that stupid dishwasher across the floor. I will get to sell that dishwasher, so if anyone is looking for one…I have a good portable dishwasher. Ready to ruin someone else’s floor with little brown streaks.

This picture is of Kyra today. She is on the potty…ha ha. She does that very good not completely trained yet. She goes pee almost every time you sit her there though, she knows the business use of the potty. She has one of her clean pull ups on her head as a hat. I taught her that they were hats I think, being funny a few months back, so now she likes using them for hats all the time.

She wore that green dress today though and every time I looked at her I couldn’t believe how big she was although she hasn’t grown all that much from yesterday. She first wore that dress at the beginning of summer and it went to her calves, today it is a mini skirt almost turned into a shirt. We had pants on under it when I drove. It is amazing. This piece reminded me of her growth more than most other clothes although she has grown out of them at the same rate obviously.

Tomorrow is my interview for the stay at home job for Team Double Click. I am going to go ahead and put a link in my sidebar here to tonight. I hope it will cause me good luck and I get the job. You could always request me to be your assistant when you go asking about hiring a virtual assistant. That would be so cool if someone did that to/for me. I actually like the idea of working through and agency like this. It is sort of refreshing to have a whole team working on keeping customers happy. That aspect I really like.

Well, that is all for tonight. I need my beauty/luck sleep tonight that is for sure. Night…