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Well today started off pretty typical.  We just sort of hung around until like noon, you know blowing bubbles and the normal things we do.  LOL…

20070711_02312p We decided to go out to eat lunch though because tomorrow is Kyra’s birthday, yeah…she turns the official 2.  Woo Hoo…  We always go to Red Robin for birthdays in this family.  It is our little tradition.  I mean they give you a free meal with this awesome whole family dessert that is so delicious and probably 300 calories per bite.

20070711_02712p Anyways, that was fun.  They sang to Kyra there whatever Happy Birthday song like they do and Kyra clapped with them which was adorable.  They gave her two balloons with her dessert.

20070711_03703p After that we went to Target, which is essentially right next door. I had a doctors appointment after that, so we had time to kill.  We finally broke down and bought these “Kitty” shoes.  Kyra has been drawn to these shoes since before spring.  They started out $15, than $12 and today they were $9.  They only had one size a size bigger than Kyra wears, so I figure she can wear them even next year maybe and they are so cute aren’t they.  Kyra kept getting them afterward and pointing saying her famous kitty and a huge laugh.

20070711_04507p I went to the doctors appointment.  It is for the dumbest thing ever, but it itches.  It is a insect bite.  I have had for at least 3 weeks.  It seems to be getting bigger and not smaller.  It is on my waist band and makes it so my pants hurt to wear.  Well, it is according to the doctor probably a fungus something, so he gave me some prescription lotion that should heal it.  If it isn’t started to heal by Saturday to call back.  I hope it does though…I am really hating this itchy feeling.

We then went to pharmacy and Walmart got our weekly food stuffs.  We made like a collage of all the comments on Sara’s obituary.  I know her mom doesn’t have internet, so we put her obituary on one side and all the good comments and the names of all the commentors on the other and laminated it.  We took that down there for them.  I think she is still in the numb feeling though doing the motions.  She has cried, but she is easy to get to cry.  I don’t think it is real yet to her.