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Today has been long. I have had this stomach area ache all day long.  I have taken Advil and Midol, they each seemed to work for a very short time at getting it slightly better, but there is just this lull of ache. 

I got my resume faxed to about 4 more companies today.  I really have to find a job here pretty soon and one that I will like.  I am going to go further than I have in the past tomorrow and apply to be a dispatcher which is what all my job experience is besides driving.  I will have to drive 30 minutes to work though if I get the job which sort of stinks.  I would like to be able to stay closer to be closer to Kyra.  On that same note though, I did love working with the drivers and trying to make there lives better.  I think I was good at it, so my job would be one that I would probably love again.

I also did a lot of reading, dancing, and just general running around the house today.  I did 4 loads of laundry, so when the ones that are dry are done, so am I for now.

I am home now from my routes and I have my rock club meeting tonight, so I am posting early.  I think I am going to turn my computer off after this and leave it off for the night…that is amazing when that happens.  I am that person that checks my e-mails as the very last thing of the evening before I go to bed and turns on my computer first thing in the morning before I brush my teeth.  I sleep less than 10 feet from my computer too, so it is all very convenient and I like that.

I took some great photos today, so when I do finally get to them, there will be lots of photos.  I don’t really have an explanation as to why I have not been posting them. I have been feeling really lazy though lately and all the photos are staying on the camera.  I can fit almost 200 before I have to empty it.  I am probably at 100 now.  Aaahhhh!

Have a great night.