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I am out of clothes, which is fine.  It is just because I was behind on laundry. (I did 4 loads today though, so have lots of clothes for tomorrow.)  This however made me get creative with my dressing and search for clothes that I like, but don’t wear all the time.  I have some dressy type clothes that are like brand new…I hate them.  You can’t pay me to wear them.  Anyways…that is beside the point.

I found a whole pile of my pants from before I had Kyra, my pre-pregnancy pants if you will.  The ones that most women dream of fitting back into.  Those pants…

20071017_00112p Here look at the photo!!  Yes, you are looking down my pants and  yes, I am at least 6 inches smaller than my pre-pregnancy pants.  I am trying to loose weight though still…this photo makes me smile for now though.