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20070911_00208p If you read Problogger, you will know he is offering some sort of competition and is asking for prizes.  I somehow doubt my offer will be one of those accepted as there seems to be some significantly more expensive things being offered.

These are the best potty training tool ever.  Kyra doesn’t need to be given them anymore and doesn’t really request them like she did at first.  I still have about 2 pounds left in the open package, so I figure there is some other deserving about to be potty training parent or maybe just a hungry chocolate lover.

Me… nope…. I am trying to eat healthy.  Yeah trying, I still sometimes steal from the potty treat bowl though. 

This is the XXL bag though a full 3 lbs and I offered to ship it internationally to the winner.  We will see if it gets accepted, somehow I doubt it will though and I am not that pessimistic as a person really.  If it isn’t accepted though, I will figure out my own little contest with them, so either way someone is getting a whole lot of M&M’s.