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 I did my first morning routes like normal.  I started off doing my second morning route like normal.  I got about 1/2 way and 10 kids gathered up.  My bus started shaking like mad and I stopped at a stop sign.  It wouldn’t go…so we sat.  I called my boss and told him and he was sending us a “rescue hero” in a spare bus.

20070911_00109aI sat for about 10 minutes, and I decided to start the bus and try again..see if I was crazy or not.  I was sort of.  I made it about 1/4 mile and it started shaking again and so we sat. 

Our hero Bill arrived and I left my bus with the key in the ignition right there at that dark spot in the pavement.   We headed off to school stopped at all the correct places.

I was surprised how many kids were still at there bus stops even with me being so late.

We were 40 minutes late to school.  My boss had gotten a spare bus for me to the school so I jumped into that and drove myself back home.  It was a crazy start to a day.

I got home and ate.  I had Circuit City job to do, so off I went to that.  It went rather quickly only taking about an hour.  I had a Sears job which was great as my friend Melanie works in the appliance section, so I got to talk to her for a bit.  It seems like usually when I am working she isn’t…yeah.  I know you are supposed to work while you are working and not chit chat with friends.  Oh well…I do both.  I love my jobs.

I came home read all the Heads or Tails entries for today.  There are some very sentimental posts, but a couple of posts sort of like mine.  That made me feel good…I am not the only person who just kept going.

Adam brought Kyra back early, like 5 o’clock because she was sleeping and he would just drive her back as soon as she woke, so he may as well drive her while she is sleeping and let me have some fun with her.  He has his football games to watch too.  I am pretty glad he did it this way.  I am glad he visited with his dad.  He doesn’t know how much his dad appreciates him visiting nor how much it hurts his feelings when he runs off to quickly.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he brought Kyra back at 5 ever week.

When she wakes up we are going to go out to horses.  I am hoping by posting this now… I will get to bed early or do a sponsored post later.  I need more of those…I am having a hard time finding quality though in the available sponsors.  Good Night…