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Thanks for surprising me at lunch time, Andy.  Thanks also for making it so easy to convince you to buy our lunches.  Your a real push over you know…no matter what people say about you.

I was planning for another really boring day.  It turned out not so boring though amazing.  We went to lunch with Andy if you haven’t figured that out.  He came to get his tools he had stored in our garage and a desk or something.  The things around here I don’t notice all that much.  He popped in as I was thinking about our leftover ham for lunch.  We went to Perkins though and it was super.  The perfect breakup of the ultra boring weekend.

I went down to Robin’s to check in on her like I always am doing.  She had the hair stylist coming.  I wish they would give me more warning on when she is coming.  So, I got my hair cut…it looks great.  I haven’t taken any photos of it yet.  She made it shorter though on the sides where it was really annoying me and she thinned it some.  I feel a few pounds lighter.  I’ll have Stan take my picture tomorrow.

We stayed down there a long time.  Stan had her shave his head too, so now he looks like Uncle Fester again.  He always looks like him after a hair cut everytime.  I told him he should grow his hair though to impress the ladies.  There aren’t that many 70+ year olds that can grow a full head of hair like he can.  He just laughs.

We came home and that is when I was hooking Steven up with eHarmony, maybe someone will take him out from that site.  The personality profile thing is a joke though or at least in my opinion.  I mean…how can you rate yourself on sensual 1-7 and consider it even slightly accurate to what someone else will think.  The price is crazy too.  I don’t think I will be signing up in there any time soon.  We ended up taking him home too, so that was a slight ride.  He came down with Robin, so didn’t have a vehicle.

We got home watched CSI and here I am.  Kyra is getting a slight cold I think.  She has sort of been in that moody mood here lately.  I don’t think she is feeling perfect. She is also gorging herself on popsicles which I think is because she has teeth coming in more and they feel good.  I have been letting her have them when ever she wants.  I think the liquid is good for her too as it is very hot out.

Anyways, that was my day.  I am going to bed now.  Good Night.